The Princess and the Bear

The Princess was meant to stay in the tower
Far from greed and malice, knowledge and power
And for a while she stayed
And sewed read and prayed
Until one day
She strayed

The forest was bright with the light through the trees
And dark from the leaves underneath
And the Princess she walked
And marvelled and ran
And as she got further
From the tower that hid her
She skipped and she sighed and she sang

The bear was meant to stay in the woods
With creatures tiny, delicious and brown
To sleep in the leaves, and climb in the trees
And do bear things and make gruffly bear sounds
And so he’d have stayed
If she had not strayed
And they met one night on the ground

The apple was meant for another tale
But it got lost, and fell into this
And as it fell, the magic changed
With a pop and some smoke and a hiss
“How odd,” the bear growled, with a puzzled brow,
And the princess, she understood.

They stood and they stared
The princess and the bear
In the midst of the darkening wood.

They talked through the night
Of all they had seen
Of all they had known, and all they had been
And of what they could, would and might
And then they set out,
Side by side, nose by snout
Just to find out.

The prince was meant to come to the tower
After riding all night through the wood
And so he rode, and to the tower he strode
As he always did as he should.

But the princess was with the bear
So no one was there
And the cupboards were bare
And the Prince he was scared.

The P and the B
Went far far and wide
And looked at the world
With wide wide eyes
They found peoples and beasts,
And castles and feasts
And grew very big on the inside.

But the Prince, he stayed
And slept, ate and prayed
Until one day – they strayed

They came hand in paw
To where they had been before
To see how it changed.

The Prince was dismayed,
His clothes were frayed
His eyes were crazed
And his words were blame.

The Princess was sad
To know that she had
Confused the poor lad –

But really it wasn’t her fault.
“There are mountains and ships
And adventures and trips
So much more than this boring old tower.
We’re going again – to swim, climb and hike
We’ll go North then North East –
You can come if you like?”

Perhaps it was the apple away in the woods
Or the look in the Princess’ wide eyes
But the Prince he stood, and shook off what he should
And reached for what he could would and might.

And so they set off, the P P and B
For what they might do
And what they might see.