This book somehow snuck into my heart – A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

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Ove doesn’t like people breaking rules. He doesn’t like people using computers. He doesn’t like men in white shirts. He doesn’t like wasting money, or electricity, or fuel. He is personally offended if someone changes their brand of car. He has alienated all his friends, and lives in misery amongst people who drive him mad. But he has decided not to live any more. Except with Parveneh and her family moving in next door and constantly barging into his life, the young man failing to repair a bicycle, his oldest enemy possibly being taken into care and a million other frustrating, annoying things about other people that must be taken care of, he never quite seems to find the time…

This book is interesting. Because you really don’t like Ove. He’s grumpy, he’s mean, he’s petty, and he reminds you of some of the most miserable people you’ve ever met. So to start with I didn’t feel particularly compelled to follow his story. But nevertheless, and I’m sure it wasn’t JUST pregnancy hormones, I found myself in tears multiple times throughout the book. It was very moving and human.