The latest Christie adaptation – still not quite getting Tommy and Tuppence.

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The BBC have made a new mini-series, Partners in Crime, out of the Tommy and Tuppence series by Agatha Christie. I have read before that these were Christie’s favourite sleuths to write – and I love them too! Their pluck, banter, relationship and sense of fun make their adventures a delight to read. But apparently, they’ve never quite worked.

An idea for a movie

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My very talented pal had a great idea for a film – and if you vote she might get to make it!

Beautiful young Esther is forcibly married to the mullah of the biggest mosque in Tehran, but when her cousin takes her to a house-church she converts to Christianity, becoming guilty of apostasy. When she overhears a plot to kill the Christians who have become her people she must decide whether to risk her life to save them.

Watch her Pitch and vote here: Enter the Pitch

BOOKS VS FILMS: or should I read Gone Girl first?

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Only illness prevented me from seeing Gone Girl today. But did it actually save me the terrible horror of having the book spoiled?!?!?!!

I don’t know! Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn has been buzzing around for a while, and I have been cheerfully resigned to coming into contact with it in some form. And a couple of trailers and an interview with Rosamund Pike intrigued me enough to want to see the film.

Two modern Princesses in towers – the endless appeal of fairy tales.

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My extremely talented friend Sats just did two things – became a Dad and released a great music video! I’m going to talk about the latter. I love his song ‘We Belong’ and the fairy tale imagery he uses, which contrasts to make the sentiment of belonging together feel nice and homely.

Though I think his princess Emma would do a better job with the high tower (he’s scared of heights) and probably at killing tigers too, it’s a great song:

(Check out Sats’ Facebook page)

It reminded me of my favourite poem I wrote this year; a fairy tale inspired story-poem.

Read The Princess and the Bear.

It’s fascinating how fairy tales continue to spawn new adaptations over and over and over; and continue as a part of our shared narrative ideas on life. A mythology that just won’t go away.