The pictures tell the story in Charlie and Lola’s Clothes by Lauren Child

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I’m a massive fan of Lauren Child and have been since way before I had a baby and therefore a legitimate reason to read her books. But when I first read this book I was disappointed. It seemed to be a list of clothes, not a story at all, which is always a terrible terrible thing – but soon I realised that actually, the pictures were telling the story.

Three reasons DK’s Peekaboo! Bedtime is Kezia’s new favourite book

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Big bunny is trying to get everyone to bed but he can’t find any of his friends! Happily Cuddly Ted, Miss Elephant,  Mr Owl and Fluffy Chick pop up in very unlikely places, and everyone can get ready to go to sleep – or will they?

Kezia was given this book a couple of weeks ago – and we LOVE it! She’s almost five months old now and it turns out that is plenty old enough to enjoy this story and to grab for the pop-up bits. Here’s three things we love about the book: