The latest Christie adaptation – still not quite getting Tommy and Tuppence.

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The BBC have made a new mini-series, Partners in Crime, out of the Tommy and Tuppence series by Agatha Christie. I have read before that these were Christie’s favourite sleuths to write – and I love them too! Their pluck, banter, relationship and sense of fun make their adventures a delight to read. But apparently, they’ve never quite worked.

The five books I’m taking on holiday (I can’t wait!)

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After finally getting through my epic pile of books – and a good few more along the way – I found that I was approaching my holiday with nothing to read! Oh no! Cue a trip to get hold of some exciting books to accompany my travels… here’s what I’m reading and why I’m excited!

Okay I read this because of the TV but it was great: Ross Poldark by Winston Graham.

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Ross Poldark returns from fighting in America to native Cornwall to find the woman he loved engaged to his cousin. Trying to contain his anguish and anger, he gets on with transforming his family home and starting to build a life for himself again. With disdain for his cousins’ finery and a love for the common man he helps various people around him – including Demelza, a girl beaten by a gang of boys. His actions have consequences he could never have foreseen …

But you knew all that, right? Surely like me you have picked up enough information about the BBC version without even watching it to know that much? My readers stubbornness forced me to read the books first (read more here) but I am now embarking on the series, safe in the knowledge that I have read the book first. And the book? It was good. Not crazy or exciting or thrilling, but really good. It had the feel more of a real chronicle of someone’s life than of a story with beginning, middle, end, etc, but it did that really well!

Book-lover problems – how the BBC forced me to read Poldark

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BBC’s new adaptation of Poldark has been getting great reviews. And I really like that sort of thing. So obviously I’d watch it…

EXCEPT! How could I possibly watch it without having read it first? Somewhat reluctantly I bought the first book for kindle, and embarked upon a journey. It was pretty good, and the review is coming soon – but I’m amazed that I let a TV show force me into reading something!

A rather good radio play – as they go. Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens on BBC radio.

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Due to human error, both the angels and demons responsible lose track of the anti-Christ, meaning he grows up in ignorance of his destiny. As the time for the apocalypse draws near and the horsemen gather, angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley search for him in an attempt to save the world they have grown fond of, Adam becomes aware of his destiny and witch hunters, mediums and more are drawn to a remote village in the countryside – all according to the nice prophecies of Agnes Nutter.

I read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett a long while ago, and really enjoyed it. Sadly I’d borrowed the copy from someone and so my inclination to re-read was curbed, UNTIL I found that it was being produced as a radio play over Christmas!