The Experience Factor – why Millenials will never abandon books for digital.

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For my generation, experience is everything. Perhaps it’s a product of the digital age, where so much is at our fingertips, but intangible. Perhaps it’s a product of our desperation to display what an amazing life we’re having on instagram. Perhaps it’s a product of our comparative wealth and being able to own things easily. It’s probably a mix of all these things and more, but the fact remains. Experience is King. We want to be somewhere, to hear something, feel, taste or see something ourselves. And that is why books aren’t going anywhere.

When do you stop reading?

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I’m stubborn, and very very rarely abandon a book. In fact, I can think of only four that I did not complete in the history of my reading, though I’m sure there are more. But the book I’m reading now is pretty boring. I’ll finish it, because I’m almost through, but it made me wonder.

What makes you give up on a book? For me, gratuitous violence and/or sex scenes, (like in Smiler’s Fair) or just being completely disengaged and bored by the characters and story (Robinson Crusoe) seem to have been the reasons. But usually I still persevere!

How about you?