Last year’s resolutions – a review :S

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Last year I took a risk and made my New Year’s Resolutions very public! It’s beyond time to check back in and see how I’ve done. I’m about to paste the list in and comment. I’m expecting a mixed bag. There are some I definitely didn’t do, but I’m pleased with the effect the ones I did manage have had on my life. Here goes..

One of the strangest books I’ve ever read – The Great and Calamitous Tale of Johann Thoms by Ian Thornton

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Johann Thoms is injured on the estate of a local nobleman when he is young, leading the strange and guilty landlord to take him under his wing. Thoms seems to live a charmed life until he becomes accidentally partly responsible for an atrocity that changes history, and trying to escape his past goes on a bizarre trip through Europe.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this book. While reading it I had no idea where it was going, almost gave up on it several times and was surprised plenty of times. From the story to the framing narrative which I could never really work out, the whole thing was utterly bizarre.

Can you ever escape your parents? Roopa Farooki explores in The Good Children

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Sulaman, Jackie, Mia and Lana are brought up by a domineering mother and retreating father in Lahore, India. They escape through careers and marriage, each of them defying the strictures of their family and society – but find they are unable to leave the past totally behind. We follow the family through to their children in a journey of trying to move on, which proves harder than it seems.

I think this is probably one of the books my mother would annoyingly tell me I am too young for. And possibly after a week or so of sulking, internally protesting my maturity and thus proving it’s absence, I might agree.