Awkward editing method (but it works): read out loud!

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I love editing other people’s writing, and don’t much like editing my own. I learned a lot about the process of it when I did a creative writing module at uni. We’d have to read out something we’d written, and the rest of the class would critique it. It was pretty scary! But this one tip is one of the best methods I use for editing whatever I am working on…

Save Rare & Racy, Sheffield’s strangest bookshop

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Rare and Racy is a treasure of a shop that was my favourite during my eight years in Sheffield. It’s crammed full of books and old treasures, and with the shops that surround it provides the best unique shopping area in Sheffield. An application has been made to knock them all down and replace them with an apartment block – which would be a real shame! This is a feature I wrote about it as a part of my journalism masters – please read and vote!


The music is tense – atonal, staccato. In film terms, a significant encounter is about to take place. A tall stranger in a trench coat with a revolver. The smell of smoke – but no. It isn’t smoke but incense, burning from the almost hidden counter of the bookshop. Searching for books in Rare and Racy on Division Street is a significant event, apparently.

Floating away with a good read – London’s elusive book barge

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After spying the sometimes elusive Word on the Water a few times near me on Regents Canal I visited on Saturday with my book-loving friend Ellie-of-the-red-trousers. This is a canal barge transformed into a world of books and culture; making the most of every available space to showcase more of it’s treasures.

How to get the very latest books free! (or very cheaply on kindle)

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Books, and especially the new ones, can be expensive! This week I’ve worked out a couple of ways to get the best and newest books at affordable prices – like, free. In short, I’ve signed up to a reviewing site and worked out a formula for kindle….

Probably the best places to read in London right now

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Jeeves & Wooster bench

Jeeves and Wooster, P.G. Wodehouse. (The Brunswick)

Where better to read than sat atop a giant book? When I heard about this temporary art exhibition from The National Literacy Trust I decided to hunt them out – and I did! I love the concept and design and hope it will encourage people to read some of these excellent examples of British literature. There are 50 book benches spread around the city and I’ve found three so far – find the rest and more details here.

JK Rowling’s best story yet

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Harry Potter is a wonder, I love it deeply. And her other myriad of stories are gripping and clever. But I recently realised… JK Rowling’s greatest story is simply the story of JK Rowling.

We all know it, see. We all know she was a single Mum, writing on napkins in a cafe. We know the whole idea just came to her, fully formed. We are all on her side; a poor, single Mum, winning against the machine, living the full American dream from her house in Edinburgh. I could tell you a lot less detail about most other authors I read.

A Place of Greater Safety, Hilary Mantel

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I like Hilary Mantel; I thoroughly enjoyed Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies, and when I discovered this book of hers was set in the French Revolution I decided it was probably worth it. After all, the French Revolution is the setting for some of my favourites: Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Orczy’s The Scarlett Pimpernel and of course Hugo’s Les Miserables. \

But sadly, I was wrong.

Three New Worlds

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I joined my local library last week – and got a bit overexcited. Books are on loan for three weeks so we’ll see how I go getting through these. Expect reviews coming soon – I’ve started with Hilary Mantel, A Place of Greater Safety; then there’s Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore and Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea.

I always think libraries are magical. As if I can walk in, sign up, then walk out with an armful of books!