OMG this book made me LOL – Jane Eyre kills everyone in Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

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The unloved Jane Steele is brought up by her stern and disapproving Aunt. She’s sent away to school at the first opportunity, where the girls are suppressed and mistreated. After a few… incidents… she moves on to be a governess to a precocious girl in a big house with a stern but attractive master. But there are secrets in the house which she begins to discover…

So far, so familiar. Right? But this Jane is made of stronger stuff, and faces even more extreme circumstances. And so, she turns to murder. MURDER! This is literally Jane Eyre with the main character as a MURDERESS. And, reader, I can tell you it is fantastic! I can remember just stopping reading to laugh. I rarely enjoy retellings or extra books written about classics but this was just incredible!