Not such a Secret Chord – Geraldine Brooks’ new David story

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King David is not happy at being excluded from the battlefield. Prophet Natan has an idea to keep him occupied: to tell a true, real life story of who King David is. Natan gets the go ahead, and starts to uncover the secrets that have made him who he is, including the people he has loved, his family and more.

Hmmmmm. So you know, I’m a Christian, and believe the Bible to be God’s word – and so I approach this with interest and caution. Because at best, it could be an enjoyable read and help get a bible character and story fixed more firmly in my head. But then , it could also butcher a bible story, get lots of things that aren’t true stuck in my head, or of course, just be generally terrible. I’ve only read a couple; but could remember really enjoying a Moses life story I had when I was younger, and so decided to give it a go. And it was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it – even if, really, it just felt like the Bible story with the things that are implied elaborated on.