This book is like a young girl’s dreams come true – Kit by Marina Fiorato

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Kit’s husband leaves to take the King’s shilling – but Kit isn’t happy to let him go. Dressing up as a boy she joins the army herself to track him down – a journey that takes her far further than she ever imagined but satisfies the adventurer within her. She also gets close to her leader Captain Russ; but when she is discovered gets the chance to help the war effort in a new way – as a woman.

I was delighted to take part in a blog tour for this book, and to post an introduction to it by Marina Fiorato herself. I was even more excited to find that it is based on a true story; though I’m sure this is much elaborated that there was in fact a Kit who lived this life for a long time makes the book all the more exciting. And the story is totally action, drama and scandal-packed, full of colourful characters and individual adventures.