I didn’t really like this book – but I’m wondering if I was wrong. We that are left by Clare Clark.

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Theo, Phyllis and Jessica Melville and Oskar Grunewald spend holidays together at the Melville Estate, a house done up to look like a castle. When Theo dies in the war the whole families are thrown into mourning and their own particular ways of trying to move on in life.

This book was strange. At it’s best moments it reminded me of I Capture the Castle, but only really because of the big house. Really each character alienated me, I didn’t enjoy the unfolding of the various story lines and though I did keep reading I wasn’t sure that I wanted too. I didn’t feel invested enough to endure the drama of the different characters. But I’m wondering whether actually it was a fairly accurate depiction of a dysfunctional family torn apart by grief.