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Last July, I finished the draft of a book that I’ve been working on for far too many years. I gave it to my mother to edit (she is an editor, though not for fiction) and I’ve just got it back! Time to decipher the red scribbles and get going!

I think I’ll also follow my own editing advice as I go. But it’s good to be getting towards one of my new year’s resolutions of finding an agent!

My top 3 online writing advice sources!

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So will usually read any kind of article that is giving writing advice! Really in the end, most of them disagree with each other and probably you need to find a way that works for you – but I still can’t stop reading them! Here are three of my favourite places to find advice:

Awkward editing method (but it works): read out loud!

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I love editing other people’s writing, and don’t much like editing my own. I learned a lot about the process of it when I did a creative writing module at uni. We’d have to read out something we’d written, and the rest of the class would critique it. It was pretty scary! But this one tip is one of the best methods I use for editing whatever I am working on…