My top FIVE books of 2014

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Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Christmas and festive season. I spent at least a part of mine ruminating on which books should be included on this list. And I’ve finally come up with the goods.

I enjoyed a LOT of books last year, but these are the ones that were the most memorable and enjoyable, and the ones I’d pick for someone to read. You know, if the someone was like me. These are in no particular order:

The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton

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The Luminaries

This was a fascinating book. It had been hovering on the edges of my conscious asking to be read so when I was going to visit friends in Frankfurt for a few days I decided to order it for a little fun, light reading. When the book arrived it was bigger than my head, but I took it anyway. And was very glad I did.

The story begins with the entrance of Walter Moody to a roomful of twelve men of varied character, who are pretending to not be gathered for any purpose at all. The setting is a New Zealand Gold rush town, and it transpires that all of them are connected to a curious sequence of events that included lost gold, the death of a man, the disappearance of another and the apparent suicide of a prostitute.