Everyone loves this but I JUST DON’T SEE WHY!! The Mountain Can Wait by Sarah Leipciger

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 Tom is father to Curtis and Erin. Elke, his mad wife, committed suicide when the children were young, leaving stoic and emotionally inexpressive Tom who is happier with trees and nature than people to bring up two children. When as a teenager resentful Curtis makes a drastic mistake their loyalties and instincts are tested.

I found it really, really hard to get through this book. I loved the title and quite liked the cover page, but beyond that found it very hard going. After the initial incident which you presume is going to provide the action for the story, we wander around for three quarters of the book with Tom looking at trees, then get down to the story at the end.

The dark side of humanity, told exceptionally well: All the birds, singing by Evie Wyld.

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Something is killing Jack Whyte’s sheep. She’s placed herself alone in the middle of the foreign English countryside and refuses to associate with her neighbours – but the strange noises and happenings in the darkness force her to face both the darkness outside and the darkness in her past.

This book was a great book. Really interestingly structured, with character, mystery, plot, nature and psychology intriguingly mixed together: but the picture it painted was just so dark that I’m not going to read it again. Also, all the cover art I have seen for this book is truly beautiful.

Five of this year’s top reads to get your book-loving pals for Christmas

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Picking books for someone else is difficult! Usually I don’t give someone a book I’ve not read myself unless it’s my Mum and I really want to read it after her. But these are some of the books that look great that came out this year that I want to read, and that I don’t think you could go far wrong with. You’ll at least look like you know what’s going on with books.