This book made me angry but I loved it – Suffragette by Emmeline Pankhurst

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Fuelled by Government’s repeated refusal to allow women to vote, Emmeline Pankhurst started and lead organisations and campaigns with ever-increasing militancy to gain the vote. She encourages crowds, confronts MPs, faces prison, escapes, grieves and fights in this book of her memoirs.

I loved this book. I loved learning about the suffragettes, hearing Pankhurst’s intelligent strategy in winning the vote, and was repeatedly outraged at the government’s reaction to them. It made me angry that I’ve never learned more about them – despite going to two girls schools. It made me angry that in culture we’ve reduced them, not acknowledging their sacrifice and the evil that they were up against.

An idea for a movie

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My very talented pal had a great idea for a film – and if you vote she might get to make it!

Beautiful young Esther is forcibly married to the mullah of the biggest mosque in Tehran, but when her cousin takes her to a house-church she converts to Christianity, becoming guilty of apostasy. When she overhears a plot to kill the Christians who have become her people she must decide whether to risk her life to save them.

Watch her Pitch and vote here: Enter the Pitch