Jostein Gaarder’s last book: The World According to Anna

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Anna is passionate about the environment, and as she approaches her 16th birthday she begins to have strange dreams of a future world where her granddaughter lives. Here nature is ravaged, and the human race scrabbling to survive on the few remaining resources. But Anna has a chance: a magical ring that could change everything. 

Jostein Gaardner is one of my favourites. His blend of philosophy, weirdness and excellent stories created some of the most intriguing books that I’ve ever read. But when I realised this, his last novel published posthumously, was about climate change, I was worried. Can anyone make such a guilt-ridden topic enjoyably readable?? Happily, he did.

The book that looks too good to read.

Book Thoughts


I was given this book for my birthday – but because it looks almost TOO GOOD I’m scared to read it in case I’m disappointed! 

 Seriously, it could have been designed for me. Here’s why:

1.  I love Jostein Gaarder. The Solitaire Mystery is one of my all time favourites, and I like his philosophical style a lot.

2. It’s about someone called Anna. I’m called Anna!

3. The colour! The cover is pretty much my favourite colour ever and I LOVE colour!

4. It has snow and a stag and a snow globe and a sledge. All things that make me excited because I love the North. 

How could it possibly live up to such promise? Especially when it is quite thin? When I can bear to embark upon reading it I will let you know…