Why I’m telling my friends not to read Gone Girl.

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I was excited to read Gone Girl after all the hype. And it sucked me in. It gripped and intrigued me. But really, I seriously wished I hadn’t read it at all.┬áMost books have some sort of value or idea or something to recommend them. But this one felt like eating far too much sugar and suddenly feeling angry with yourself, the world and sugar itself for tricking you into such a terrible place.

BOOKS VS FILMS: or should I read Gone Girl first?

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Only illness prevented me from seeing Gone Girl today. But did it actually save me the terrible horror of having the book spoiled?!?!?!!

I don’t know! Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn has been buzzing around for a while, and I have been cheerfully resigned to coming into contact with it in some form. And a couple of trailers and an interview with Rosamund Pike intrigued me enough to want to see the film.