Leave it, JK

Book Thoughts

I like to think of myself as a part of the Harry Potter generation. I started secondary school a year or two after Harry – but with the spaces between books we sort of grew up together. Life got more serious. We both loved Hogwarts, defeated evil wizards, got married and got on with our lives.

And actually, while I read the books, I wasn’t convinced by Ron and Hermione. I never quite believed that someone with her ambition, drive and intelligence would decide that dating and even more marrying Ronald Weasley, despite his many good qualities, would ever satisfy her.┬áBut I read the books, I decided to trust JK Rowling, I got over it. I just make sure never to read the last chapter if I re-read them.

But now, apparently, she said she has made a mistake. It should have been Harry and Hermione all along.