This book is like a young girl’s dreams come true – Kit by Marina Fiorato

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Kit’s husband leaves to take the King’s shilling – but Kit isn’t happy to let him go. Dressing up as a boy she joins the army herself to track him down – a journey that takes her far further than she ever imagined but satisfies the adventurer within her. She also gets close to her leader Captain Russ; but when she is discovered gets the chance to help the war effort in a new way – as a woman.

I was delighted to take part in a blog tour for this book, and to post an introduction to it by Marina Fiorato herself. I was even more excited to find that it is based on a true story; though I’m sure this is much elaborated that there was in fact a Kit who lived this life for a long time makes the book all the more exciting. And the story is totally action, drama and scandal-packed, full of colourful characters and individual adventures.

Mesmerising magic, fantastic history and wonderful characters – Skin by Ilka Tampke

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Ailia doesn’t know who her parents were, where she comes from – or what skin she belongs to, which is perhaps the most important. Despite being adopted by the Cookmother of the tribe and allowed to serve the Tribe Queen, she can never make anything of her life, or even marry. But magical forces seem to dispute that fact: after being saved from terrible rituals twice Ailia finds herself drawn further and further into the mysteries of her land, to the Mothers and into magic. 

Set in the Iron-Age with the forces of Rome threatening the small tribes that inhabit pagan Britain, this story melds stunning history with exciting imagination and strong characters. I found myself totally drawn in and insatiably curious to find out just what might happen next. Even writing about it makes me want to read it again.