More fun teen Egyptian melodrama in Recreated by Colleen Houck

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Lily has been trying to adjust to normal life after her gorgeous supernatural, ancient Egyptian boyfriend Amon disappeared to save the world from chaos, but it’s just not working. It comes as a slight relief when the god Anubis turns up at her grandmother’s house to say they need her help again – Amon is trapped in the Netherworld and Lily is the only one who can save him. But it’s not an easy process, and involves becoming a sphinx, a huge change that will affect Lily forever…

I knew exactly what to expect from this book having read and enjoyed the first book. A  action packed teen adventure packed with drama and spirit, plus a load of gorgeous gods and a plucky heroine. It didn’t disappoint, and I think I actually enjoyed this one more. It felt more confident, and focussed more on Lily as a character rather than Amon, which I really enjoyed.

Colleen Houck’s Reawakened – a new teen book that ISN’T a dystopia!!

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Liliana Young goes to the Metropolitan Museum to do some thinking – but ends up waking Amon, an ancient Egyptian sun prince – far from home, with a mission and now magically bonded to her. She is drawn across the sea to Egypt and into his destiny – to revive his brothers and defeat the evil god Seth in a pacy, adrenaline filled adventure – all whilst trying to battle her growing attraction to a certain gorgeous sun god…

Part of the reason I picked this up is because it’s a YA book that is NOT a dystopia! Gosh! In fact… it is referencing the past! Gasp! I think I imagined it was going to go back in time, but it didn’t and it didn’t matter. Despite the slightly awkward title, it was a lot of fun, rife with conspiracy and fun Egyptian-ness!