An epic and enjoyable journey that didn’t actually seem to get that far – The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams

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The black feather three have been called upon to steal back an ancient artefact necessary to mountain-town of Skaldshollow to make the giant stone servants they use for everyday tasks. But the ice cold Narhl people and an ancient, powerful mage – not to mention a demon and a god – all have plans for it too. Will wily, impulsive rogue Wydrin, conflicted and mighty knight Sebastian and confused and powerful mage Frith manage to stay these new bouts of evil?

This summary doesn’t even BEGIN to summarise this book. There is just SO MUCH in there – from underwater cities to new strange beasts to mages and sorcery and just – wow! It was all in there! Williams managed to move us quickly through epic, huge and treacherous scenes of battle and adventure again and again all the way through this beast of a book. And I did enjoy it. But by the end, I was still left thinking… I read a book that big, and they only got this far?