Another romp in the Third Reich – Hitler’s niece adventures again in Blankman’s Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

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After the gruelling and dramatic adventures escaping from Nazi Germany under her adopted uncle Hitler’s nose with her Jewish boyfriend Daniel in book one, Gretchen has been taken in by an English family and for the first time ever has a place she likes to call home. But Daniel isn’t so well placed – and when he hears his brother is ill he rushes back to Germany. Next thing Gretchen hears he’s accused of murder – and she makes the dangerous journey to Berlin in an attempt to clear his name, encountering gangs, the SS, secrets and old Nazi acquaintances galore as she tries to pull one over on Hitler yet again.

I was initially doubtful about how another book could come out of this. Gretchen escaped from terrible circumstances and crazy happenings – and now she’s going back! What! And once she was back in Germany, the drama came thick and fast. The coincidences were far too many, the story completely implausible – but terrific fun. It’s pushing beyond the limits of believability, but if you accept that, it’s gripping and exciting.

Film star secret agent befriend’s Hitler’s girlfriend: A War of Flowers by Jane Thynne

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Clara Vine is a half English, half German film actress, making films in Germany during the rise of Hitler, under the scrutiny and suspicion of Goebbels, who thinks she is spying for England. Which she is. And her latest assignment given to her by undercover agent Guy Hamilton is to befriend and extract secrets from Eva Braun, Hitler’s girlfriend, that they hope will open up intelligence on his state of mind. But things move faster than anyone was anticipating, and Clara finds herself in the middle of more and more dangerous situations.

I was drawn into this novel to the start, and read it very quickly. We see not only Clara’s perspective but that of a few other characters, whose stories end up weaving into this too. The setting is tense, and Clara is a pleasing and easy to like character. The plot ends up pleasing, but is rather strange in how it comes about.