Four awesome Mothers of Literature

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As in, Mothers In literature. As I explained in my previous post, I realised recently how few mothers who have great characters are present in fiction. In fact, how few mothers there are at all let alone decent ones. I’m not even looking for great mothers or likeable people here, just characters with some depth, growth and who aren’t just weak or rubbish. An evil domineering mother, even, would do, though I wouldn’t be using them as a role model.

Here are the first four awesome Mums we could think of. More to follow soon!

“Why do you let me read books when the sequel isn’t available for ages?!” Zöe raves about Akarnae! #REALTEENREVIEWS

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I caught Zöe when she was ill at home from school one day and forced her to read this book – which I’d just finished and I loved. It’s about 16 year old Alex, who finds herself transported to a magical world and mysterious school instead of the more normal boarding school her parents meant to send her to. It’s great, and the author Lynette and her blog are awesome too!

Anyway. These were the first thoughts I got from my ailing sister:




The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)

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It all starts with the disappearance of an attention-seeking author who has just written a book mocking and betraying most of his acquaintances, and, of course, he is dead. Horribly dead. Disgustingly dead. And between his last book, strange wife, devoted lover, successful rival, embittered agent, boss, fans and a range of other intriguing characters Cormoran Strike has got to find a killer.

So, I probably wouldn’t have read this if it wasn’t by JK Rowling. I quite enjoyed The Cuckoo’s Calling, but wouldn’t necessarily have bought the sequel, and definitely not as a hardback. But it’s her, and I did.

JK Rowling’s best story yet

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Harry Potter is a wonder, I love it deeply. And her other myriad of stories are gripping and clever. But I recently realised… JK Rowling’s greatest story is simply the story of JK Rowling.

We all know it, see. We all know she was a single Mum, writing on napkins in a cafe. We know the whole idea just came to her, fully formed. We are all on her side; a poor, single Mum, winning against the machine, living the full American dream from her house in Edinburgh. I could tell you a lot less detail about most other authors I read.

Leave it, JK

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I like to think of myself as a part of the Harry Potter generation. I started secondary school a year or two after Harry – but with the spaces between books we sort of grew up together. Life got more serious. We both loved Hogwarts, defeated evil wizards, got married and got on with our lives.

And actually, while I read the books, I wasn’t convinced by Ron and Hermione. I never quite believed that someone with her ambition, drive and intelligence would decide that dating and even more marrying Ronald Weasley, despite his many good qualities, would ever satisfy her. But I read the books, I decided to trust JK Rowling, I got over it. I just make sure never to read the last chapter if I re-read them.

But now, apparently, she said she has made a mistake. It should have been Harry and Hermione all along.