A meandering vintage murder – Death at the Seaside by Frances Brody

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Kate Shackleton just wants a break away from her busy life, and to see her goddaughter Felicity. But when she arrives in Whitby for her seaside getaway she finds a dead body, and Felicity has run away. Are the two events connected? Is everyone in the town who they seem to be? Is Alma, Felicity’s mother, really as naive as she seems, hiding behind her fortune telling? And where is Felicity’s father?

Interestingly, the cover of this book make me not keen, but some of my close reading friends loved it. In the end, it was a pretty accurate portrayal of the contents. A fun, fairly slow mystery enjoying a coastal setting, with a fun female sleuth. I definitely enjoyed this book, though I think it is probably better if you’ve read the others in the series, and I prefer a bit more of a driven plot.