The Experience Factor – why Millenials will never abandon books for digital.

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For my generation, experience is everything. Perhaps it’s a product of the digital age, where so much is at our fingertips, but intangible. Perhaps it’s a product of our desperation to display what an amazing life we’re having on instagram. Perhaps it’s a product of our comparative wealth and being able to own things easily. It’s probably a mix of all these things and more, but the fact remains. Experience is King.¬†We want to be somewhere, to hear something, feel, taste or see something ourselves. And that is why books aren’t going anywhere.

Three reasons why reading a book is better than tapping a phone

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Picking up your phone is a new learned habit of our times. If you have a spare two minutes, you’re waiting for a train or your friend has gone to the bathroom, it’s what you do. You check Facebook. You check twitter. You check WhatsApp, Instagram. Or whatever. My friend calls it tip-tapping; just the general stuff that you do.

And it’s all pretty fun. But as a passionate advocate of reading, here are just three reasons why it might be better to pick up a book…

How to get the very latest books free! (or very cheaply on kindle)

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Books, and especially the new ones, can be expensive! This week I’ve worked out a couple of ways to get the best and newest books at affordable prices – like, free. In short, I’ve signed up to a reviewing site and worked out a formula for kindle….