Realia – more teen magic, adventure and friendship in Noni’s second instalment

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Alexandra Jennings is back for her second year at Akarnae Academy in the magical world of Medora that she stumbled into by mistake last year. The enemies are still out to get her, the professors to teach her lessons she never thought she’d need to learn, and her friends to support and surprise her along the way. We explore the world more, and understand a bit better what’s going on.

Here we jump straight back into the world and into adventure, with Alexandra once again in danger, in deep with her friends and fighting for what she believes is right. So much so that it hardly seemed like a separate book to the first one (and I’m having a little trouble separating them in my mind) and so, like the first, is basically just tremendous fun.

What would you ask an author? Five reasons why it’s harder than you think!

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Very excitingly, I’ve been able to do a couple author interviews on my blog, and just sent the questions off for another. This is another instance of my blog making my dreams come true – not only do I get sent free books but am allowed to question the people who wrote them! Hurrah!

I interviewed Christopher Fowler here and my sister and I interviewed Lynette Noni here. But I’ve found that writing questions isn’t quite as easy as you might think. I find that I spend a long time agonising over just what exactly to ask!

Here are my five quick conundrums:

My top five new books of 2015 so far

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We’re quarter of the way through the year, which I’m sure means I can do my top five books of the year so far! The year started great for me books wise, with me reading quite a few that I completely LOVED – but then took a dip with a few that I wasn’t that impressed by.

So most of these are from the beginning of the year – here’s the list!

Zoe and I’s best joint book of the year… and we got to interview the author!! Lynette Noni talks Akarnae

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The now 16-year-old Real! Teen! Zoe my sister and I LOVED this book! It had something magically transporting about it… like Harry Potter or something. You felt you really wanted to read more, to live in that world for as long as possible. And happily there are four more books coming!

Read my review here, and/or Zoe’s here, and then find out what happened when the sisters put their heads together to interview the author Lynette, who also happens to be one of the loveliest people I have ever emailed!

“Why do you let me read books when the sequel isn’t available for ages?!” Zöe raves about Akarnae! #REALTEENREVIEWS

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I caught Zöe when she was ill at home from school one day and forced her to read this book – which I’d just finished and I loved. It’s about 16 year old Alex, who finds herself transported to a magical world and mysterious school instead of the more normal boarding school her parents meant to send her to. It’s great, and the author Lynette and her blog are awesome too!

Anyway. These were the first thoughts I got from my ailing sister:




Some bits of this book were cringe but overall I LOVED IT – Arkarnae by Lynette Noni

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Alex’s parents are abandoning her for eight months and placing her in a boarding school. But when they drop her off she steps into another world complete with magic -like technology, kids with special powers and – for the first time in her life – friends. As she struggles to work out the world she lives in there are also the mysteries of why is she there? And what is her special power?

The annoying bit of this book was the really teenager stuff. Every male character is super cute, every girl is apparently super hot. But, happily, this isn’t mentioned too too much, and there isn’t even a romance in this book which is pretty refreshing. And it was SUCH GOOD FUN! I picked it out because I follow the author’s blog and have loved following her progress of getting a cover, etc etc, and was curious to read the finished product.