Not quite Poirot: The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah left me mainly frustrated.

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Poirot is trying to take some time off, but when an encounter with a crying woman in his favourite coffee shop seems linked to three seemingly unexplainable deaths at the fancy Bloxham Hotel he is drawn into the mystery alongside goofy policeman Mr Catchpool.

Despite my misgivings I read this book. And in a couple of ways it was quite good. The murder was intriguing, the backstory that was revealed was pretty good, and Poirot was quite like Poirot. But really, it just wasn’t enough. Our narrator was a bore, and the mystery seemed disconnected and presented as a puzzle rather than real human beings who we could actually care for. 

Nine books I can’t wait to read: My reading list!

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I’m so excited to get into these! Christmas, a birthday and various loans have meant I’ve got a larger pile than normal, and it’s very exciting!

The Curtain lifted – should Poirot be resurrected?

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I have read every Poirot book I’ve ever come across, and watched every TV version I’ve ever come across. I love the world, the characters, the intrigue, the writing and that love for this obsessive rotund Belgian was felt by both my Cockney and genteel Scottish grandmothers.

But hearing that Sophie Hannah has written a new Poirot book leaves me in a quandary.