The book that fooled me: The Princess Bride, William Goldman.

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Ostensibly, William Goldman abridges the much neglected ancient tale of Florin featuring a princess, adventures, pirates, fencing, quicksand, a stupid giant, vengeful Spaniard, and a whole lot of adventure and derring-do. Buttercup and Westley fight for their love against a pain-loving duke, powerful Prince, wild beasts and even being Mostly dead. The non-stop adventure stops only for Goldman’s editorial interruptions, explanations and deviations….

This book had me fooled!! I knew no better than to trust the statement on the cover that it was indeed an abridgement of a classic tale by a Mr Morgenstern (who I’d never heard of) of the country Florin (which I’d never heard of). So though the tales told by Mr Goldman were just a little too fantastic… it still took me an embarrassingly long time to decide finally that this was a charade. And even then, I double checked on wikipedia.