EXCLUSIVE content from The Waiting Game by Jessica Thompson – plus my review!

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Nessa always loved Will – but when gorgeous Jake came along and (even better) liked her back, they fell in love, she fell pregnant and they married. Things weren’t easy, but when Jake went away to war leaving Nessa with a difficult teenage daughter they got a lot harder. And when he survived, but didn’t come back, they got much worse. Meanwhile successful, rich and kind Will is still around to help – and someone mysterious keeps doing useful, kind, generous things for Nessa and her family…

I’ve am very privileged to be a part of The Waiting Game blog tour! You can read an excerpt from the very start of the book, then read on for my review..

Out tomorrow!! Skin by Ilka Tampka – one of my favourite books and only re-read of 2015

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I already reviewed this book back in March, but as it’s coming out tomorrow and I like it so much I wanted to give it a bit more attention! It was a marvellous and mesmerising book that drew me in like books I used to read as a child or teen. With a convincing and invigoratingly new world to explore, interesting characters, well sustained mysteries and beautiful writing.