Last year’s resolutions – a review :S

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Last year I took a risk and made my New Year’s Resolutions very public! It’s beyond time to check back in and see how I’ve done. I’m about to paste the list in and comment. I’m expecting a mixed bag. There are some I definitely didn’t do, but I’m pleased with the effect the ones I did manage have had on my life. Here goes..


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Last July, I finished the draft of a book that I’ve been working on for far too many years. I gave it to my mother to edit (she is an editor, though not for fiction) and I’ve just got it back! Time to decipher the red scribbles and get going!

I think I’ll also follow my own editing advice as I go. But it’s good to be getting towards one of my new year’s resolutions of finding an agent!

My ten resolutions for 2016!

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   It’s 2016. Wowzer! Since starting to write my resolutions today I’ve got pretty excited about this year. It’s got a lot of unknown in it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be marvellous! When writing resolutions I choose ones that will make me feel happy, not put on pressure and will inspire me to do awesome things. Some of these are book related, some are not. Here goes!