Famous philosophical writer’s foray into history – The Spy by Paulo Coelho

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Mata Hari is due to be executed for espionage, and recalls her life in a diary. She tells of her escape from a small town and a stifling marriage, and her sensational dance performances that gained her fame, the men she favoured and loved, the dangerous trip to Germany at the outbreak of war. Her subsequent attempts to gain status through different spy rings don’t result in much, but still she ends up on trial.

Normally I’m a bit meh about Paul Coelho. I feel like the meaning imposed on his writing is a little simplistic, and I want to dig into what is happening a bit more. I have only read two other of his books – but this was my favourite by far! I think the fact that it was grounded in history and was a real person helped give it a lot more depth for me. I really enjoyed it!