What would you ask an author? Five reasons why it’s harder than you think!

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Very excitingly, I’ve been able to do a couple author interviews on my blog, and just sent the questions off for another. This is another instance of my blog making my dreams come true – not only do I get sent free books but am allowed to question the people who wrote them! Hurrah!

I interviewed Christopher Fowler here and my sister and I interviewed Lynette Noni here. But I’ve found that writing questions isn’t quite as easy as you might think. I find that I spend a long time agonising over just what exactly to ask!

Here are my five quick conundrums:

AUTHOR INTERVIEW Christopher Fowler – The Burning Man: London mystery packed with interesting characters & intriguing plots

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Blazing riots besiege London following a banking scandal, and during one of them a homeless man gets killed. When he’s followed by another victim, and another, all of whom killed brutally with fire, the Peculiar Crimes Unit with the elderly, eccentric but effective Arthur Bryant and John May gets in on the action. With his unorthodox methods, forays into London’s history and varied assembled team, Bryant focuses on finding the killer – before he loses himself.

I had the privilege to interview author Christopher Fowler about this, the twelfth book in the popular Bryant and May series. It was my first – so please forgive stupidity when I’ve missed out on important things from earlier in the series! Here’s my quick review and the interview: