WHAT AM I DOING?? #experimonth

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This April I’m participating in EXPERIMONTH┬árun my my church Hope City – taking up something brand new just for the month! Creating, learning, or doing something you’ve never done before! And for some insane reason…. I decided TO MAKE A RAP VIDEO!

I mean, it’s just like poetry right? Can’t be that hard. Right?!

Sadly I told too many people about it to pull out now. So far I’ve written about half the lyrics – I’ve got a lot to do!

Why not join me and do something new this month?

Crazy live poetry and spoken word at Boxpark Shoreditch – free London

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By complete chance my friend invited me to come to the second anniversary of Boxed In, a monthly live poetry night at Boxpark, the super-cool location made of shipping containers in Shoreditch. The night was hosted in a space between containers on the upper level, with picnic tables, patio heaters and a single microphone.

Two modern Princesses in towers – the endless appeal of fairy tales.

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My extremely talented friend Sats just did two things – became a Dad and released a great music video! I’m going to talk about the latter. I love his song ‘We Belong’ and the fairy tale imagery he uses, which contrasts to make the sentiment of belonging together feel nice and homely.

Though I think his princess Emma would do a better job with the high tower (he’s scared of heights) and probably at killing tigers too, it’s a great song:

(Check out Sats’ Facebook page)

It reminded me of my favourite poem I wrote this year; a fairy tale inspired story-poem.

Read The Princess and the Bear.

It’s fascinating how fairy tales continue to spawn new adaptations over and over and over; and continue as a part of our shared narrative ideas on life. A mythology that just won’t go away.