Boggling mystery, technology and secrets in The Forever Watch by David Ramirez

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Massive spaceship Noah is making it’s way with the remnants of humanity from the ruined earth towards Canaan. But after breeding duty, what should have been several painless months knocked out cold, Hana is left with a sense of loss, which together with her huge mistrustful boyfriend Barrens who has come across bodies disgustingly savaged persuades her to dig behind the surface of the society she has lived in her whole life. The secrets they uncover change everything and throw the Noah into chaos.

There was so much to this book. It took twists and turns that I totally didn’t expect, and thinking back on it is quite difficult. Where to start? It was longer, more complex and less comprehensible than I thought it would be. I was interested but not drawn into the world, wanted to learn the secrets but wasn’t that fussed when I did and wanted to get alongside the characters but felt held at a distance.