Five reasons my one year old finds books irresistible.

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I find Kezia playing with books so so much of the time, and when we sit down to read a couple of times a day she absolutely loves it. As do I! It seems so mysterious: what is it that makes them so exciting? I’ve done a quick run down and this is what I reckon:

Five easy ways to read more books!

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One of the main comments I get from blogging is: ‘you read so much!’  Which is often followed by: ‘I don’t have time to read’ or ‘I wish I had time to read.’ Really, I think the two things that help me are that 1. I actually do REALLY want to read, so make time to do it, and 2. I read really quickly.

But I do read more now that I have a blog, and have had to find ways to fit it into my life. Here are five easy ways to get more reading into your life!

When do you stop reading?

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I’m stubborn, and very very rarely abandon a book. In fact, I can think of only four that I did not complete in the history of my reading, though I’m sure there are more. But the book I’m reading now is pretty boring. I’ll finish it, because I’m almost through, but it made me wonder.

What makes you give up on a book? For me, gratuitous violence and/or sex scenes, (like in Smiler’s Fair) or just being completely disengaged and bored by the characters and story (Robinson Crusoe) seem to have been the reasons. But usually I still persevere!

How about you?

Awkward editing method (but it works): read out loud!

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I love editing other people’s writing, and don’t much like editing my own. I learned a lot about the process of it when I did a creative writing module at uni. We’d have to read out something we’d written, and the rest of the class would critique it. It was pretty scary! But this one tip is one of the best methods I use for editing whatever I am working on…