Colleen Houck’s Reawakened – a new teen book that ISN’T a dystopia!!

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Liliana Young goes to the Metropolitan Museum to do some thinking – but ends up waking Amon, an ancient Egyptian sun prince – far from home, with a mission and now magically bonded to her. She is drawn across the sea to Egypt and into his destiny – to revive his brothers and defeat the evil god Seth in a pacy, adrenaline filled adventure – all whilst trying to battle her growing attraction to a certain gorgeous sun god…

Part of the reason I picked this up is because it’s a YA book that is NOT a dystopia! Gosh! In fact… it is referencing the past! Gasp! I think I imagined it was going to go back in time, but it didn’t and it didn’t matter. Despite the slightly awkward title, it was a lot of fun, rife with conspiracy and fun Egyptian-ness!