As magic as I could have wished for – Goldenhand, the last instalment from Garth Nix.

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The King and Abhorsen are away again and Sam gets news from his old friend Nick across the border. From the borders of the world free magic is attacking again, and Lirael, Sam and Nick must solve more mysteries, fight old enemies and revisit old friends to defeat it once and for all.

I find I already can’t remember the plot of this too well, which is very exciting as it means I’ll get to read it again really soon. I didn’t expect that it could be as magical and as enjoyable as reading the other book for the first time (and I was a bit disappointed by Clariel as was my friend Ian) but this was a complete delight. 

The Curtain lifted – should Poirot be resurrected?

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I have read every Poirot book I’ve ever come across, and watched every TV version I’ve ever come across. I love the world, the characters, the intrigue, the writing and that love for this obsessive rotund Belgian was felt by both my Cockney and genteel Scottish grandmothers.

But hearing that Sophie Hannah has written a new Poirot book leaves me in a quandary.