I never thought I’d need a reading break!

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Last week, after the disappointment of Smiler’s Fair and after having read a fair few books at the same time, I suddenly found myself loath to open another cover.

HOW STRANGE! I really, really love reading and it has always been one of the best ways for me to relax and unwind. At university I was usually reading three novels a week to keep up with lectures etc – and it was brilliant!

I had to stop reading this even though some of it was promising – Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene

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In a world where nothing is fixed, all buildings move on wheels and any pleasure can be bought at Smiler’s Fair, the travelling community that passes through the land, bringing excitement and trade and leaving behind a field of mud. There’s a girl married to a young man, a secret prince looking after goats, a murderous nomad and various other characters whose stories we jump into. But I didn’t get very far with them all…

There were some good elements to this book. I was interested by the world, and some of the story lines did start to draw me in. We had a variety of characters and I was interested to see how they might come together. But I very quickly decided that the overwhelming gory and explicit scenes were just too much.

Seven books I forgot about: what I’m reading next!

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Many of these books arrived in my house in quick succession by post last week! (Thanks Bookbridgr!) Without exception I had forgotten requesting them, but I am nevertheless excited to get stuck in. I’m currently in the calm of having finished several books, so have to select which one to start with…

Nine books I can’t wait to read: My reading list!

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I’m so excited to get into these! Christmas, a birthday and various loans have meant I’ve got a larger pile than normal, and it’s very exciting!