If only people would just talk to each other – The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jeffries

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Gwen has gone to join her older, widowed husband in Ceylon. But the man and the situation she knew back home are different to what she had thought, and she seems surrounded by secrets. A night of drunken confusion and the surprise that comes nine months later lead to secrets of her own – can she and husband Lawrence overcome the secrets, misunderstanding and pain between them?

The most pleasant surprise about this book was that it is set in Sri Lanka! I am perhaps very ignorant (definitely when it comes to geography) and didn’t link Ceylon to Sri Lanka, where Aidan and I went on honeymoon. It was fun to visit again even if in the past and in book form. Though overwritten and another of the books that frustrate me because everything would be solved if only everyone would just talk to each other (and don’t talk to me about the title), I enjoyed this!

Can you really know other people? Iris Murdoch explores in The Sea, The Sea

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The Sea, The Sea

Famous actor, playwright and director Charles Arrowby buys a strange old tower by the sea and escapes his busy London theatre life for what he has determined will be a quiet retirement. But an encounter with his lost first love, a constant flurry of old lovers and friends arriving and strange visions around the tower bring the drama of London and more to the seaside.

The Sea, The Sea is another I’ve been wanting to read for a good while – and it was marvellous. It was the best example of first person narrative I have ever read; using the dissonance between Arrowby’s perceptions and what actually happens to challenge his and perhaps all of our understanding of other people.