Endgame: The Calling by James Frey – yet another teen dystopia. But actually it’s good!

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Throughout history twelve families have trained their children to be players in Endgame. And when meteors hit the earth, twelve teenagers across the world know that it’s time, leave their homes and congregate. They think the rules are simple: the tribe of the last one alive gets to live on. A strange alien being sets their first task – to find the earth key. Unlikely alliances, brutal torture and metaphysical speculation take place across the world as the players race for survival.

Gosh I’ve read about a lot of dystopias recently. Red Rising, Station Eleven, The Forever Watch (review coming soon), Frozen (not reviewing, didn’t like it). And I’m going to see The Hunger Games last night. But hey, though I was a bit tired of the genre by now, this was a pretty good one!