Which books to take to hospital?

Book Thoughts

I’m going to hospital very soon to have a baby! One of the things they recommend you take (and of course I would anyway) is books, for if you’re waiting around or trying to distract yourself. I’ve picked two books that I think will be good – but would like suggestions for a third!

In the past I’ve been in hospital once, and for some reason I decided that reading my way through early detective fiction was the way to go. I went through lots of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, and some Sherlock Holmes. Which was all good and enjoyable, but I think I need something a bit more sustained and escapist for my next stint! I have often even on holiday set myself challenges of books that have turned out to be a bit more of a chore than an easy read… here are my choices so far!

World Cup Escapism

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Whether you’re fleeing the memory of last night’s match or just trying to drown out the sound of any football at all here are five fantastic immersive books to take your mind off things.

These are repeatedly-read books that have managed to transport me to new worlds and fix their place within my favourites. In no particular order.