The Annoying Book Title’s Daughter: the three questions those repetitive titles force you to ask

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I’m sure these days every third book or so follows this simple formula for a title.

Honestly. The Taxidermist’s Daughter. The Time-Traveller’s Wife. The Pirate’s Daughter. The Firework Maker’s Daughter. The Photographer’s Wife. The Gravedigger’s Daughter. The Alchemist’s Daughter.

I find it extremely annoying… and yet still these titles draw me in. I think they work because they make you immediately ask these three questions:

Disappointing endings: my review of Sepulchre and why I won’t read Kate Mosse’s The Taxidermist’s Daughter.

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Two time lines run parallel; in 1891 young Leonie Vernier moves to Domaine de la Cade away from Paris and in 2007 Meredith Martin arrives there from America. Both get drawn into mysteries both personal and spiritual as they come up against darkness in people and in the old estate that they explore; an old sepulchre in the grounds hides secrets that will change both of their lives forever.

I’ve also read Winter Ghosts and Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. And I’ve enjoyed the worlds of the books; been drawn to the characters, sucked into the mystery and enjoyed the play between the different timelines. But you know when you keep persisting with something hoping that it will get better? Sadly in each book I was ultimately left hugely disappointed by the ending.