Maybe I was just too stupid for this book? – Numero Zero by Umberto Eco

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Colonna, a writer, is offered a job at a paper, chronicling it’s creation and activity. But the paper itself; designed to tell tomorrow’s news, a year later (I think?) is a scam, a plot to scare people to pay for it not to be printed. Conspiracies and stories abound, with history being thrown about. Colonna makes a connection to a female member of the staff – but suddenly the theories invade into everyday life, and their future and the newspaper is in peril…

Again, I read this a fair while ago so don’t remember it too clearly. It is, obviously, Umberto Eco’s latest and last book. The only other I’ve read was the famous The Name Of the Rose, which I enjoyed despite finding it pretty dense. This, too, was not the easiest read. At it’s heart the story was pretty simple, but so obscured by so many ideas and theories that I didn’t quite get the references for that I’m not quite sure that I understood it.