Last year’s resolutions – a review :S

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Last year I took a risk and made my New Year’s Resolutions very public! It’s beyond time to check back in and see how I’ve done. I’m about to paste the list in and comment. I’m expecting a mixed bag. There are some I definitely didn’t do, but I’m pleased with the effect the ones I did manage have had on my life. Here goes..

Writing tips – create boundaries to prompt creativity

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A couple of months ago I finished the latest draft of the novel I’ve been writing for a few years. It’s currently with various trusted people for editing/feedback, but it being done for a while has given me some freedom to try writing something new! And this is how I’ve been doing it…

Woman dressed as a man joins army – Marina Fiorato introduces her new novel KIT

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I’ve had the privilege to read an advance copy of Marina Fiorato’s Kit; the exciting, pacy adventure based on the true story of Kit Kavenagh, who chased across the world dressed as a man to get her husband back. I so enjoyed the book and can’t wait to post my review! Here’s Fiorato herself introducing how the book came to be:

My top 3 online writing advice sources!

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So will usually read any kind of article that is giving writing advice! Really in the end, most of them disagree with each other and probably you need to find a way that works for you – but I still can’t stop reading them! Here are three of my favourite places to find advice:

What would you ask an author? Five reasons why it’s harder than you think!

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Very excitingly, I’ve been able to do a couple author interviews on my blog, and just sent the questions off for another. This is another instance of my blog making my dreams come true – not only do I get sent free books but am allowed to question the people who wrote them! Hurrah!

I interviewed Christopher Fowler here and my sister and I interviewed Lynette Noni here. But I’ve found that writing questions isn’t quite as easy as you might think. I find that I spend a long time agonising over just what exactly to ask!

Here are my five quick conundrums:

Writing tips: if you’ve no time to scribble get your mind buzzing

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Sometimes I don’t have time to write. Even five minutes. But with this tip you can make progress on whatever it is you are scribbling without even committing a word to paper or screen!

I’ve found that if even once in a week I engage with the thing I’m writing, whether blog or fiction, things for church or whatever, by reading back a paragraph, having a look at my plans or having a quick wonder on a bus, the rest of the week I will find myself quietly and frequently having ideas pop up out of nowhere.

Awkward editing method (but it works): read out loud!

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I love editing other people’s writing, and don’t much like editing my own. I learned a lot about the process of it when I did a creative writing module at uni. We’d have to read out something we’d written, and the rest of the class would critique it. It was pretty scary! But this one tip is one of the best methods I use for editing whatever I am working on…

Just five minutes: an easy trick to get yourself writing!

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As I’m sure you know just getting writing done is a challenge in the middle of lives that are so full of other things! For blog posts, books and stories and all sorts of other things this is an easy trick I use to get myself scribbling…

Writing with pals – stuff that helps me actually write stuff!

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So, I’m writing a novel. I’ve always always wanted to write, and have got tonnes of snippets, a load of half done things and a few finished pieces (you can read some of them here). But even though it’s what I’ve dreamed of my whole life – still sometimes it’s really hard to make myself do.