An old friend who hasn’t changed much – Princess Diaries 11, Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

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Mia is 25 now but her crazy world shows no signs of slowing down – and her doctor has told her to start journalling again. She’s still with high school sweetheart Michael, but what is the dark look in his eye? And what is with everyone wanting her to get engaged all the time? And how on earth is she meant to try to live a normal kind of life with the embassy surrounded by reporters – let alone spend any time with Michael at all. Oh, and her Dad has been arrested, and Grandmere has a new dog.

I am quite pleased to say that initially I gave up on Mia six books in. By then I was hitting my annoyance saturation point with her teenage-ness and insecurity – but when I heard of this book I couldn’t resist. After seeing a review on the Just Another Belle blog saying I didn’t have to read the books in between I requested the book, and jumped right in. And despite myself, I loved it!

I wish it would go on forever – Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman

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Lee Scoresby and trusty daemon Hester crash-land their newly-acquired hot air balloon onto an island. Almost¬†immediately he finds himself embroiled in the politics and tensions between big companies, tradesmen and the giant bears he sees everywhere. He quickly finds himself drawn into a deadly situation, friendship with a bear and an opportunity to get even with an old enemy…

I got this in January, but have been holding off reading it because I knew that I wouldn’t want it to be over. And I was right. Lee Scoresby is one of my favourites from His Dark Materials trilogy, as is Iorek, so the chance to read another story with them was very exciting. And of course, Philip Pullman pulled it off in his marvellous and magnificent way, telling a thrilling and atmospheric story even in such a short book.¬†