Save Rare & Racy, Sheffield’s strangest bookshop

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Rare and Racy is a treasure of a shop that was my favourite during my eight years in Sheffield. It’s crammed full of books and old treasures, and with the shops that surround it provides the best unique shopping area in Sheffield. An application has been made to knock them all down and replace them with an apartment block – which would be a real shame! This is a feature I wrote about it as a part of my journalism masters – please read and vote!


The music is tense – atonal, staccato. In film terms, a significant encounter is about to take place. A tall stranger in a trench coat with a revolver. The smell of smoke – but no. It isn’t smoke but incense, burning from the almost hidden counter of the bookshop. Searching for books in Rare and Racy on Division Street is a significant event, apparently.